Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turntable Skillz 101 with Grandmaster Flash...

I didn't get to see this back in the day, basically, cuz my family was too poor to afford cable television. I remember asking my moms, "Yo Ma, when're we gonna get cable?" To which she would look up and say something like, "When somebody around here can afford it!"

I remember hearing about HBO when I was a kid in the late 70's and early 80's, but I never saw it. I heard about MTV in the early 80's, I didn't see it until one day at my home boy Rod's house, he was watching Mike Jax singin' "Billie Jean".

Back in the 80's I heard stories of Flash being on MTV demonstrating his "quick mix" skills. At that time, on MTV, if you were Black and weren't Mike Jax or Prince, then you got no love from MTV! So to hear about Flash being on MTV with his turntables was some other shit!

I never got to see it until now...

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