Thursday, March 4, 2010

Makes You Wanna Holla

This ain't hip-hop related but humor me for a moment here...

When I think about what the forces of evil (the Machine) have done to our culture, I swear it makes me wanna holla, throw up both of my hands and yell from the tallest building.

But I'd get arrested and thrown in the looney house so I won't be doing that anytime soon.

But for real. Look at the values that have corrupted our culture. Materialism is first and foremost, there used to be a time when you would say that a person was so fake that they were plastic, now look, girls wanna look like Barbie, so much so to the point that they literally look plastic.

Let's take inventory here:
Fake lips
Fake hair
Fake nails
Fake tits
Botox in forehead
and last but not least, and probably should be at the top of the list

What da fuck?

I saw a pic of a video model, who shall go nameless here, and this chick looked like she weighed no more than a 130 how can that ditz have a 60inch azz?

Women i know and have seen with 60 inches of azz are clearly over two hunnit. They ain't pushin' two hunnit, they are over two hunnit. Ain't no way some broad 5'3 and 130 lbs can have 60 inches of azz!

Makes me wanna sing that old Teddy Pendergrass song "Be For Real..."

And the homo thugs aren't any better. Recent news about an artist I have always respected has me looking at him sideways now. Didn't see that one coming.

When I think about all of it, I feel like the last man that really cares. That forgotten person stranded on planet in some Twilight Zone episode. Wait, not the Twilight Zone, right about now I feel like Chief Iron Eyes Cody, from the "Keep America Beautiful" commercial. You know, The Indian in the commercial from back in the day.

You know the commercial, right? the Indian cat is rowing his boat in the peace and serenity of the great and beautiful outdoors. Everything is lovely...and then all of a sudden some jackoff in a station wagon drives by and throws some trash out his window. The camera pans to the Indian who has a lone teardrop fall from his eye.

Remember it now?

That's how I feel, when I see what these morons have done to our culture!
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