Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boom Bap Extinction Quotient

Depending upon where you're from, or where you're at, hip-hop is many things. For me, at it's root and it's core hip-hop is a deejay's art. It comes from deejays. It was given birth to by deejays and was nurtured by deejays.

If you're from the East - northeast that is, and or your taste in music tends to swing to the northeast flavor, than you no doubt love the boom bap. Your head nods when you hear the following drum pattern: da.boom...da.bap...da-boom-bap.

You feel that shit move your head and neck in unison and it's an involuntary movement.
You also more than likely love to hear old funk and soul, along with rock and reggae with your uncut funk, am I right?

Me too.

In the last five years, maybe more like seven years, someone somewhere, conspired against da boom bap.

Someone somewhere made it a crime for MC's to sample.
They said it's unoriginal when rap cats sample a beat.
They said rap cats that use samples are lazy.
They said that rap cats that use samples aren't being creative.
And they made it so that beats made using Fruity Loops and Reason are so much more "original" and they the producers were somehow or another much more talented than a guy with a room full of records.

That's what they've done.

That's what they've said.

The critics in A&R rooms and the gatekeepers at magazines said, 'Nah, sampling is wack." Thus, the reason we have the quality of music we have today.

But can someone tell me why R&B people get to sample and no says it lacks creativity or originality? Why, can Destiny's Child sample The Dramatics and Jahiem can sample "Help is on the Way" and use the drums from "Why Can't People Be Colors Too", and no one says 'sampling is wack' in those cases.

Who died and left them in charge? Who do they think they are Ron O'Neil?

Use to be: rap cats jacked R&B cats tracks and the shit was all good.

Then: R&B cats started jacking rap cats tracks. I didn't like it much, but it was still all good.
Now: R&B cats can sample damn near anything they want and make their records sound like they were recorded at Hitsville USA in 1967 and no one says their shit sounds old.
Why is that?
Damn asking that question makes me wanna pull out Redd Holt Unlimited's "Do it Baby".
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