Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rush Limbo is a Big Fat Idiot...

The island nation of Haiti is crumbling before our eyes. This isn't like Hurricane Katrina where emergency services are gonna whisk people away to diverse points of the country in hopes that at some point, some day, the city will be rebuilt.

No. We're talking about a country that hasn't known stability in hundreds of years. We're talking about a country, where just recently, the kids were so starving that parents were feeding them mud cookies. Let's be clear: they were feeding the kids fried dirt!

Never mind Preacher Pat and his nonsense, Rush Limbo's comments were much more dangerous than anything Preacher Pat could dream up out of his sermons.

Rush seems to believe that this country has done all it can or could for Haiti. According to him we've already given all we could to them in the form of "income tax." I thought this was supposed to be a "christian nation", with good Christian examples like Rush and Preacher Pat it's no wonder so many are converting to Islam and other religions. If those guys are Christians... boy I'd hate to meet Jesus.

He'd probably say something like, "tough dookie on those countries, they need to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps and rebuild that place - on their own. With no help for anyone. Besides, it'll be good for em..."

That's how Rush and Preacher Pat's Gawd thinks and acts.

Rush reminds me of the big fat bully in the schoolyard who stole everyone's cookies. That was until a small, wiry kid with nothing to lose and no fear in his heart, walked up to him and stomped him out. That's what needs to happen to his fat ass.

Since this is an old school hip hop site I leave you with the immortal words of Public Enemy
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